The best way to get your company assets in line!

If your company is like most, you either have a difficult time performing physical inventories or you don't do them at all. We have helped small, medium and large companies learn to take control of their fixed assets, warehouse inventories, and other fixed asset physical inventories saving money in taxes, insurance, and time.

For the first time, we are sharing our techniques of using barcoding to make capturing and reconciling huge amounts of information quickly, accurately, and cost effectively. Plus, this manual comes complete with the all the forms you need to do your inventory.

You Will Learn

How to take a physical inventory with or without using barcode technology to save time management, and thousands of dollars in taxes and insurance!
How to organize and determine the best way to track your furniture, fixtures, computers, machinery, and equipment.
The nuts and bolts of getting this project organized, reviewed, setup, executed, and recorded.
Everything you will need to know from start to finish.
The latest techniques to handle large inventories with or without the barcode technology.

Who Benefits

Fixed Asset Managers—benefit by knowing how to record bulk assets.
Office Managers—benefit by knowing how to tag and record the assets.
Accounting Managers—you will know where the capital dollars are being spent.
Project Managers—you will now have a book to show you what you need to do to record the equipment.
Inventory Personnel—you will benefit by a set procedure that has been tested and proven to work well.
MIS Managers—you will benefit by knowing where all the IS equipment is used and who last had it.
Anyone who is involved in managing, reporting, or collecting inventory data—will benefit by a faster and surer method of recording.
Anyone responsible for reconciling and the tax reporting of these items—will benefit by a knowledge of which assets are in place and be able to use this information for tax purposes.

Let us help you take control of your fixed assets in a easy to use program that will save your company money, provide up-to-date accurate pictures of equipment and inventory resources, and improve company morale for those involved in the process. FAS can still provide on-site consultation as well as handle the entire inventory process if you would like. Please contact us for more information regarding our complete service programs.

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