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S. Patrick Kennedy, Managing Partner of F.A.S.- L.L.C., has taken an active role in the inventory and barcoding industry since 1989. He is responsible for establishing a major development in the barcoding industry: The "print on demand" barcode process (FAS uses existing numbers to print the necessary barcodes using any of the client's existing numbers.) This process eliminated the need for numerically sequenced barcodes that introduced a new number into the system. By using the 'print on demand' process, we print barcodes with your preferred number that eliminates the crosscheck requirement of our competitors.

Mr. Kennedy's Job Experience spans many years working with major companies in solving asset management situations. Here are a few of the major highlights:

  • Chrysler/All North American Plants (54 Plants)
  • Cytec/West Virginia & Florida (3 Plants)
  • Franklin Covey/Utah (3 Plants)
  • Fresh Mark/Ohio (3 Plants)
  • GE Plastics/West Virginia & Indiana (6 Plants)
  • Mal Tool/Connecticut (7 Plants)
  • Norden Systems/Connecticut (7 Plants)
  • Rubbermaid/North American Plants (52 Plants)
  • Texas Instruments/Texas (4 Plants)
  • United Technologies/Connecticut (10 Plants)

He also teaches seminars on the use of barcode technology for the CBIA, IPT, and other recognized accounting organizations. Received special training in systems use from Best Systems, Oracle, and McCormick Dodge Systems. Trained in several operating systems and many Microsoft products along with Crystal Reports. Helped write and develop proprietary programs for inventory programs using Rbase. Since 1980 he has been in the barcoding and property tax forefront of developing technology and inventory for the industry.

He is a graduate of Texas Tech University of Lubbock, Texas. He has degrees in Political Science, Accounting, and Business Logistics.

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